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What is a soul call?

What is a Soul Call you ask? Each soul call is different for everyone. We are unique as individuals and so our soul calls are set to serve to our personal gifts, talents and life paths.

Often these can lie dormant as we focus on other things. Life distracts us and keeps our talents unacknowledged or undeveloped. It can go on this way until we are ready to accept the calling that arises deep within us, compelling us from within our own psyche.

You may not always have a 'road-to-Damascus' moment. It may not be a dramatic revelatory call, but a subtle nudging, longing feeling, or some kind of unsatisfied feeling of unrest. Your life might feel unfulfilled, or incomplete and you might feel disconcerted or somehow out of balance.

People often substitute material gratification for the gaps in their lives. That's the sign of a sick culture. There has to come a point when you realise that there's more to life, that you have needs that won't be fulfilled by getting another car, more jewellery etc. It may be that you just need more experience to be satisfied, or it could be that your innermost being is trying to guide you to 'awaken' to your soul's goal.

We learn through experience, and from that we can serve a higher purpose within our lives. This service can take many forms and it is marked by a selfless effort or way of existing in the world. It's nice to feel good, but to see the happiness on another's face because of something you have done in service is priceless.

A soul call is always meant for good, bringing Light and Love into the lives of people and other beings, institutions, governments, and the Mother Earth.

More than ever there is a need in for healing in all aspects of life. How do we heal greed, selfishness, pain, and despair? By being a channel for Light and Love. By being our best selves, by positive action creating solutions to problems. We can use our will and our own power to affect positive change with love and compassion. Kindness is underrated.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Amanda x


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