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Forest Heart Membership

Dear Forest Heart

As the founder of the volunteer run not for profit Ancient and Sacred Trees project (Established Jan 2014) I welcome you to the Forest Heart Community. Here we explore how trees and nature can inspire us to grow using storytelling, art, nature connection tips, ancient traditions (with an emphasis on my family inheritance), and lots more, wilding ourselves for a happier, healthier mind, body and soul.

One tree is a landmark but a forest transforms the land.

Stress, busyness, negative noise, anxiety, urban living, illness and disability, it all takes it toll on us.
  • How can we switch off and reclaim ourselves?

  • How can we as flawed human beings make a gift of who we are?

  • How can we live better lives rekindling a love affair with wild nature?

  • How can we deepen our sacred connections for a more meaningful fulfilling life?

  • How can we commune with trees and nature and be inspired by and learn from something greater than ourselves?

Together we can celebrate our forest heart within and without.

AST full colour logo_edited.jpg

Forest Heart ©Amanda Claire Vesty. My design shows we are a part of nature and that we are welcoming community of people, trees, plants and animals open to all. In such divisive and war torn times this feels especially important to me.

Every time I write you’ll receive it in your email inbox. You can also visit my Forest Heart homepage here on Substack and browse some free articles at your leisure.

A little bit about me

I gift a lot out into the world. I founded and oversee volunteer the not for profit Ancient and Sacred Trees project, including Facebook groups with 100K+ members managed by Forest Heart. As well as via social media, newsletters and website etc. I’m volunteer custodian of Wild Spirit Woods Conservation and Community project, supported by our volunteer run not-for-profit community project Ancient and Sacred Trees.

Amanda Claire at Allotment

Tending to Ancient and Sacred Trees has been my Labour Of Love for 10 years.

I celebrate good mental health and our sacred connection with the planet. Being neurodivergent and with a hidden disability myself, I champion neurodiversity and disability. Wether you live in the country or in the middle of a city, you have the right to connect with nature wherever you are. You have the right to a happy fulfilling sacred nature connected life.


All are welcome in our Forest Heart CommuniTree where kindness is our creed.

What You Can Expect In Forest Heart? (For Free)

I send out the general Forest Heart Ancient and Sacred Trees Community Newsletter (About once every two weeks very 'ish!) and my personal Wild Wisdom articles (every Sunday). Occasionally I run free courses/journeys too.

  • I explore a Celtic tree a month inspired by the Celtic Ogham

  • Earth, nature, elemental, and cosmic connections

  • Share some of my own personal insights and experiences

  • Delve in to magic, mythology, archaeology and more

  • Community newsletter full of ‘positiviTree’ and inspiration

  • You get the chance to chat with me and ask questions via the app or online by commenting or you can send me an email

Woodland Mindfulness Eco Retreat at Jack In The Green Cheshire

Journey Through The Forest

Forest Heart is FREE to join on the edges of the woodland BUT journey through the forest and you can get see extra woodland magic, support my work, AND plant and protect trees with a paid subscription here on Substack, for £5 per month or £50 per year upfront (You can just gift  me A Coffee instead if you'd like to support me without a subscription)


£5 a month paid subscription:

  1. Behind the scenes access to Wild Spirit Woods (our on-the-ground spiritual home)

  2. Plant a tree a month *

  3. Significant discounts on ALL activities by me at Wild Spirit Woods and help me to develop an online offering too.

  4. 10% discount for gifts from Jack In The Green online gift shop.

  5. Wild Spirit Woods Forest Heart community news updates (you can unsubscribe from this bit if you don’t want to receive them and still stay in the Forest Heart Community or visa-versa)

  6. Free access to AST membership to see photos of tree tours through the year***

  7. Access to the paid subscriber monthly worldwide gods and goddesses podcast based on my first wild wisdom article of the month **


£50 a year upfront (saves you money compared to a monthly sub) as above and

  1. And get a lovely personalised certificate with your name on to download, along with a PDF of planting locations and the communities you help

  2. You will be given a place on the Ancient and Sacred Trees website on the Role of Honour as a supporter.


Wild Spirit Subscription £95 for the year and as well as all of the above (but with extra tree planting )  you also receive:

  1. A special hand made blessing dedicated to you (or someone you choose) hung up for a year in one of the big trees at Wild Spirit Woods in Cheshire, England, with a photo to prove it.

  2. You plant 30 trees in the Tropics and a tree in the UK

  3. A one to one god and goddess personal oracle reading for up to an hour.

  4. You also plant 15 (that’s 3 extra) trees

  5. You will adopt a sapling at Wild Spirit Woods for a year and have a plaque hung with your name on it. (Or if you wish, I can dedicate it to a loved one instead). You will be sent the What 3 Words location.

  6. I will also send you a video of me hanging it on the sapling dedicating it to you (or a loved one) with my thanks. Of course if you live close enough you are welcome to visit, have a cup of foraged tea,  and we will hang it together.


(Please let me have your name for your certificate & if you wish to be included on the Role of Honour) You will be added to the Role of Honour on the Ancient and Sacred Trees website.

Paid subscriptions not only plant trees but also enable me to run Ancient and Sacred Trees and fund its' website. As custodian your subscription also helps fund my volunteer activities at Wild Spirit Woods such as providing volunteers with food and drink and my transport costs etc. Plus I can fund reduced costs and free activities for people with serious and terminal illnesses and those in serious financial hardship. 

Empowered To Do Good!

I am passionate about the transformation that comes to us through sacred connection to ourselves, trees and the wider world.

Right now, as a society we are, it seems to me, in the grip of a dominant death cult ethos which is destroying our communities and planet. Together as a green and growing CommuniTree we can choose what path to follow and live by.

When we feel good we are empowered to do good!

Your paid subscriptions fund the planting of trees in the UK (one of the most nature depleted places on earth) and the Tropics (the lungs of the world) with Ancient and Sacred Trees as well as receiving exclusive sacred connection ideas and inspiration to guide our lives by.

Together we journey along the path to the Heart Of The Forest and find our own forest heart, wilding within and without, for a green and growing CommuniTree.

We can be the blessing that both we and the world need!

Thank you and I wish you many blessings.

Warmest Wilding Wishes

Amanda Claire Vesty - Founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees. A not-for-profit volunteer run project celebrating, planting and protecting trees, people and planet since January 2014.

* A tree in the Tropics each month you are subscribed. Planting takes place via not-for-profit volunteer Ancient and Sacred Trees project and supports communities across the Tropics. You can find details of where trees are planted here

** Gods and Goddesses Wild Wisdom podcast each month. Now complete with transcript, suggestions and my personal interpretations of the significance of who shows up, weaving this in with the first Wild Wisdom article of the month. These are gods and goddesses from across the world who share their magical mythic ancient archetypal selves with us. This is sacred connection to live by and learn from where ever you are. (Naturally encouragement is given to honour those ancient traditions from whence they came).

*** AST membership See Trees and woods in the UK as they change through the seasons. You will also get to meet special, veteran, ancient and sacred trees too. Plus get highlights from our most popular community Facebook posts

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