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Shamanic, nature inspired work in service to people and planet. Individual and communal sessions.

I use energy work, plants, sound, story and more, to sooth the soul and provide a balm for the fevered brow. What ails you? 

Amanda x

Most personal sessions take place online but they can be arranged in a special place outdoors .

As with all my work, a tithe is paid to the planet to plant and protect trees.

To find out more about me please see the 'About page'

Membership Scheme Coming Soon

Disclaimer: While I can assist you on your wellbeing journey, your health remains your full responsibility. You are urged to seek in-depth advice from a variety of professionals when dealing with serious medical issues.

Got Questions? Contact Me Here

You can contact me here for further details.

(I regret that I cannot answer questions about Ancient and Sacred Trees - those should be directed towards

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