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Amanda Claire Vesty, BA Hons, PGCE

Hello and thank you for coming to see me!

My articles take a lot of time to research and write and my work as founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees is entirely voluntary. It truly is a labour of love.

As a supporter you enable me to continue my work educating about, praising, and protecting our natural world and sharing our sacred connections to the land and each other. 

I pay a tithe on everything I earn, in honour of the other than human world.

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My Story

I'm passionate about nature, history, archaeology and art.

I also happen to have a disability. As someone with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia I am also passionate about the healing trees and nature have to offer us in helping us manage our health. As a student doing my Masters in Archaeology I was recently diagnosed with autism meaning I am neurodiverse and think differently and have skills different to a lot of people. Being neurodiverse now makes sense of my struggles and successes in life. To find out what my 'super powers' are take a look at the 'About' page. 


Being a supporter you help me to do the work I love, promoting Mother Nature, Sacred Connection, Community and Creativity. By engaging with me and my work you enable me to earn an income and a better quality of life. 

(Please see the 'About' page for more about me, my experience and qualifications and Jack In The Green.

To find out more about Ancient and Sacred Trees see here


You can reach out to me here:

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