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The Retreats

A Secret Sanctuary Between The Peaks and Plains

'Become the Blessing'

In-depth of-Grid Weekends Re-connecting and Re-Wilding Mind, Body, Spirit, learning to

'Live With Art and Soul'

With Amanda Claire Vesty the founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees and guests

Friday Evening til Sunday with option to stay to Monday lunchtime.

Preferential Rates for subscribers to newsletter.

Great Oak by Amanda Claire Ancient & Sacred Trees Of Britain

Living Land


Re-wilding your inner landscape. Mindfulness, Connection, Forest Bathing.

Befriending non-humans.

£100 Super Early Bird

June 14/15/16 2024

Harvest Home

Fire Earth Air Water Spirit

The Blood and Bones of Life


Gathering-In Ritual and First Harvest Celebration

£100 Super Early Bird

TBC 2024

Harvest Home Retreat
nature spirit goddess

Gods and Goddesses

Divine Encounters

 Meeting and Celebrating.

Be who you are.

Delicious Devine.

£100 Super Early Bird

TBC 2024

Tree Spirit Wisdom

Magical Medicine

Tree Spirit Essences.

Seed Fall Knowledge.

Stand Tall, Grow Deep.

£100 Super Early Bird

18/19/20 Oct 2024

Tree Spirit Wisdom Retreat

Tales From Wild Spirit Woods

Storied Speech and Fine Feasting

Good Food and Good Company

Sit and Listen, Stand and Speak

Love Language For The Poetic Soul

£100 Super Early Bird

8/9/10 Novemeber

Community Camps

Kindness Is Our Creed


Befriending and Tending


£100 Super Early Bird

May 17th to 20th 2024

September 20th to 23rd

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