About Jack In The Green Ethical Gift Shop and Amanda Claire Vesty BA Hons PGCE, Founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees.

​​My Mission at Jack-In-The-Green Is To
Live With Art And Soul
  • To promote love and care for nature & each other.
  • Happy People Make the World A Better Place!
  • To put love and care into all that we do to "Live With Art & Soul".
  • Celebrate Nature through folk lore, fairy gardens, sustainable etc
  • To be proud to be of service.
  • Ethical goods  local, British, fair trade, eco friendly, handmade...
  • To support artists and craftspeople
  • Community activities to give something back
  • Promote sustainable living and Recycle, reuse, re-purpose as much as possible
When you shop with us you are supporting a small British family business, ethical trade, sustainability and British Artisans & other creative communities across the world as well as helping trees. x



Amanda Claire Vesty BA Hons, PGCE.

I am the founder, forest guide and Temple Keeper of Ancient & Sacred Trees Of Britain with 36,000 members & rising.  I'm an artist, teacher, writer, historian and Blessing Giver with over 25 years experience.


My beautiful daughter is called Jasmine (she helps me with the shop) and my little dog is called Bella. I've  founded various Facebook groups celebrating nature & folklore. The passion people have for the natural world has really inspired me so much and gives me hope for the future of our planet. 

Please take a look at www.ancientandsacredtrees.org it is FREE to join. It is helping trees through PlanetTree Healing and Happiness! 

"Small things make a big difference. Be kind to others and do what makes you  happy. It's simple really."

My skills include

Forest Bathing, MIndfulness, Relaxation, Tree Spirit Guide, Gods & Goddesses Maker, Blessing Giver.

Art: Creative Intelligence, printmaking, gigants, masks, drawing & painting, pottery painting, decoupage etc.

Gardening and miniature gardens and living shrines.

You can find out more about me here at Linkin

I Love

Nature, Trees, History, Creativity, Dancing, Writing, Blessing Giving

I love my daughter Jasmine and my little dog Bella! :-)

I run a number of groups on Facebook. I'd love you to join! 

  • Ancient and Sacred Trees Of Britain

  • Jack In The Green Live With Art And Soul

  • Bear Dreaming - Wisdom and Traditions of the bear

  • Dragons Of The British Isles

  • Ancient and Sacred Trees of America

  • Ancinet and Sacred Trees of Europe

  • Ancinet and Sacred Trees of Asia

  • Ancient and Sacred Trees of The World