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Cheshire and Staffordshire Forest Bathing, Art Therapy, Goddess Work, Land, Art, History & Culture Tours, Immersive Experiences, Confidence Courses, Art Club, Talks & More.
Run by Amanda C Vesty, artist and teacher BA Hons PGCE with 25+ years experience. Founder Ancient and Sacred Trees and co-founder Last Wishes - Live Your Legacy. 

Sound Healing Cheshire

Forest Bathing 

Looking after our physical and mental well being, while walking with and witnessing the land. Being present and open to the beauty of the moment. Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing benefits are scientifically proven. 

Available for groups and organisations.

Are your staff in need of stress relief and relaxation? Do you want you want to build team bonding and workforce productivity? Get in touch

Therapeutic Arts Year Course  

Helping you Heal Through Reducing Stress, Enabling Self Expression and Self Confidence Through Developing Your Creativity. ALL abilities welcome. No previous art experience required!


Manifest a more fulfilling life growing in confidence learning new skills, being inspired, being creative, having fun, making a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Indoor Forest Bathing Shrine

Goddess In The Green Year Course

A place to conjure the Goddess, connect deeply with an ancient wisdom, beauty and magic in nature and ourselves, and be transformed.


Walking the land, creating rituals, talking our truth, learning the art of gifting. Learning to fully witness and bless what is here.

Contact JIG to be put on the interested/waiting list

Gods, Goddess & Tree Spirit Workshops

Pilgrimage - Land, Art, History and Culture Tour Through The Yea

 An immersive experience in our ancient landscape and native culture. Walking from prehistory to present where the Peaks meet the Plains. We use practical techniques to explore and investigate. Looking for the Goddess and the Green Man and their journey by sun, stars, stones and sacred springs through land, art, history and culture in places across East Cheshire and the Peak District.

Please contact JIG to be put on interested/waiting list

Walking Experience Tours - 2 hrs Approx Journeys of Curiosity, Immersive Experience and Discovery

  1. Take To The Track with Gentleman Jack.

  2. Paleo To Present

  3. Wood Walk and Landscape Language

  4. Cloud Tour - Walk, Talk, Dream and Discover

  5. From Me to You - Ancient Yews and Sacred Sites

  6. Ancient and Sacred Connections with Trees.

  7. Forest Bathing Immersion 


In places across East Cheshire

Confidence and Assertiveness Short Course

Become More Confident and Assertive

Do you wish you had more control over your life and a more positive influence with others? I will help! 


As the founder of Ancient And Sacred Trees,, with many thousands of members, (over 80,000) I offer activities and talks based around trees, nature, mindfulness, at a secret venue in Cheshire on the Staffordshire, Peak District border. Art & gardening activities. e.g. tiny gardens to any theme such as Living Shrines, Fairy Gardens.

Special Educational Needs very welcome. Also working with disaffected youth, EBSD, young offenders etc. 


To find out more about me, my experience, activities offered & clients I have worked with check out the 'About' page and 'What They Say'.

You can email me using the contact form here

Love Your World, Live With Art and Soul, Become The Blessing. X

Fairy & Dragon Garden Workshops at Jack In The Green

Family Service Manager Congleton Children's Centre - "Amanda provided our parents and their children with fabulous workshops at the Children's Centre. Her encouraging approach has sparked interest, opened up ideas for creative exploration, built confidence and self esteem in the parents. Her enthusiasm has given great ideas for parents and children to explore through play at home. It has been a valuable learning experience for all which I would happily recommend to others to share in."

The Museum of Science And Industry In Manchester - “The activities you brought to the museum have been a success in every way…Thank you for your tremendous enthusiasm, creativity and dedication in developing and delivering the events, you have done well over what could have been expected, often it is the small extra touches that make an activity”

Please see my gallery page for more photographs of my artwork, commissions and more

Mindfulness Art & Naure Workshops at Jack In The Green
Zen Doodle Mandala Making Mindfulness Workshop
Forest Bathing with Amanda C Vesty f at Jack In The Greenuner Ancient and Sacred Trees

"Super Hen Party" Had a fabulous day. Made fairy gardens, gorgeous afternoon tea. Super. We all had a great time. Thanks. Gaynor T

Amanda C Vesty - Founder Ancient Sacred
Oak & Gate by Amanda Claire Ancient & Sa
Barthomley Greenman
Hen Party Fairy Garden Workshop
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