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The Pilgrims' Way - Land, Art, History, Culture Tours

About the Sunday 'Pilgrimages'

We will visit ancient sacred sites and explore their context within the wider landscape. You will learn about a great wheel of sacred landscape and what lies at its heart. You will also learn how to read the land and see how she has changed as man has wrought his impact.

You will be able to meet with the ancient tree guardians located at many of these sites. We will explore the layers of art, history and culture of sacred places including churches and their surroundings, sacred springs, burial mounds and lots more. 


Hunt for the Goddess, Green Man, dragons, bears and the ancestors.

A journey of the present with the ancient


Ancient and Sacred Trees Of Britain

This isn’t a tour for any particular belief system. We will explore all the sacred places with mindfulness and respect for all the cultures, beliefs and faiths encountered and experienced therein.


Some of the things you can expect to gain from joining in:


  1. Learn about a great sacred circle landscape, see it plotted out on a map and tour the sites along its route through the year

  2. We will be exploring a specific locality where the peaks meet the plains, but you will be able to apply what you learn to your own local landscapes.

  3. Learn about quarry marks and rock art and the difference between the two

  4. Explore land and stones that have been worked by man through millenia

  5. Learn to see the history hidden in the folds of the land, its’ character and changing nature

  6. See the lie of the land and how it ‘speaks’ to us

  7. Explore a variety of sacred places and learn about some of the layers of history and culture, such as at the Bridestones’ Neolithic tomb and Marton church.

  8. Learn about the circumpolar region, of which Britain is a part, and how this ancient native culture influenced what we see and experience today

  9. Learn how the iconography of an ancient god and goddess were brought into the Christian church and the impact upon our culture.

  10. Learn about Bear and its’ influence on local (and national) traditions which goes far deeper than you might imagine.

  11. Explore local historic art and how it depicted our native culture

  12. Go dragon spotting gaining insight into some of the power and iconography of dragons

  13. Visit sacred springs and learn of the importance of water from a sacred and native perspective

  14. Meet ancient and sacred trees and see the places they guard

  15. Explore local stories and what these say about the land and our relationship with it

  16. Walk through time, from the prehistoric to the present


BOOK NOW - For those embarking on the goddess year course a special discount applies when undertaking both. SEE HERE FOR THE GODDESS COURSE

Bridestones Land, Art, History, Culture
The Cloud Land Art History Tour
Linden Dragon By Amanda Claire Vesty
Ancient and Sacred Trees Of Britain

This is not just a chance to learn ‘parrot fashion’ but to be fully immersed in our native landscape and culture. A journey of the senses. It is also an opportunity to share your own thoughts, ideas and insights. A pilgrimage with like-minded people.


I am the founder of three groups, Ancient and Sacred Trees, Dragons of the British Isles and also Bear Dreaming – Native Wisdom and Traditions. My tree group has over 80,000 members and rising daily.

Yew Tree
Wheat beard man
Devil Creature

I am a qualified teacher and artist with over 20 years’ experience with a passion for nature, art, history and culture. I ‘apprenticed’ myself a long time ago to the land. I am a Cheshire native, born and bred growing up in the countryside a mile off the nearest road and spent my time in the local woods and meadows around my home.


These tours will take place through year on Sunday afternoons. The shortest sessions will be minimum from 2 til 4pm (often longer) but some explorations will take up to a day as up at the Roaches.

Car sharing is encouraged as this will help our carbon footprint and also reduce your travel by sharing petrol costs.


NB Those taking part in the goddess course are encouraged to join in this pilgrimage across the land and a special discount applies.

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"Feedback from coordinators and students has been outstanding."
Elaine Bennett former Head of WEA Cheshire
Ancient and Sacred Trees
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