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Goddess In The Green

Goddess In The Green Year Course


Gathering together, opening to the goddess in all her forms. Delving deep into the glittering feminine. A place to conjure the Goddess, connect deeply with an ancient wisdom, beauty and magic in nature and ourselves, and be transformed.


Walking the land, creating rituals, talking our truth, learning the art of gifting. Learning to fully witness and bless what is here.


Opening to the many aspects of the goddess. We will explore the bones of culture through story, poetry, ritual, and pilgrimage.

Working with the elements, we will connect with the land, travelling the song lines and talking to the trees.

Our circle will honour the wheel of the year and the sacred wheel of the local landscape.


Circling community

Courting beauty

Walking the land

Talking our truth

Weaving the worlds


nature spirit goddess
Kiss+of+Day. Goddess

Meet the glittering Goddess in all her forms and re-wild your native soul. Through ritual and creative play, understandings can be deepened and opportunities open for a whole new way of being.


Some of the things you will explore are:

Sound healing, forest bathing and nature connection, meditation, mindfulness, drum journey, art and craft, ritual, pilgrimage. Honour the ancestors and walk in their footsteps. Explore storytelling, poetry, myths and folklore. The art of gifting and blessing. Speaking your truth and a safe and supportive environment. Embodying the sacred in life.


In Summary

Each month you will be given the opportunity to explore one goddess both personally and as a group.


As the wheel of the year turns so we will as a group honour the seasons. At the end of our gathering you will also draw a personal goddess to explore and learn from until we meet again.


Our final gathering will be a celebration of Her bringing blessings to all. Culminating in a time of beginnings and endings, so it is that we will give birth afresh to a new wheel full of possibilities and blessings.

Pilgrimage - The Sacred Landscape.

This is a recommended part of the Goddess Course to really embed and enhance our time as a fully immersive weekend.

The pilgrimage is open to all who wish to be a part of it.

We will visit ancient sacred sites and explore their context within the wider landscape. You will learn about the great wheel of sacred landscape and what lies at its heart. You will learn how to read the land and see how she has changed as man has wrought his impact.

You will be able to commune with the ancient tree guardians located at many of these sites. We will explore layers of history and culture of sacred places including burial mounds, churches and their surroundings, sacred springs, and lots more.  Hunt for the Goddess, Green Man, dragons, bears and a deeper connection with the land.

For those who embark on the pilgrimage as well the goddess course a special discount applies.

Please see here for more information about this land, art, history and culture pilgrimage.


Ancient and Sacred Trees
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