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Therapeutic Arts Year Course

Grow in confidence and self esteem, learn new skills, be inspired, be creative, connect with nature for health and well being and have fun. Join me for my therapeutic art courses in Cheshire.


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Helping you Heal Through Reducing Stress, Enabling Self Expression and Self Confidence Through Developing Your Creativity. ALL abilities welcome. No previous art experience required! 


Manifest a more fulfilling life growing in confidence learning new skills, being inspired, being creative, having fun, making a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.


Practical activities to include exploring a variety of themes, creative techniques, journaling, forest bathing, meditation and sound healing etc. This is designed as a full one year course to fully embed positivity and manifest wellbeing through mindfulness, nature connection and creativity.

What can you expect to gain from joining in?

  1. You will be able to explore a range of materials and techniques.

  2. We will look at different themes designed to enable you to explore your own interior world.

  3. We will journey together to explore meaning and purpose.

  4. We will create images that don’t just explore materials, and themes, but that communicate something important to you.

  5. You will learn to be creative and to progress in developing that creativity

  6. You will learn to create and develop your own unique self-expression in a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental environment.

  7. You will gain confidence in developing your own ideas,

  8. You will gain confidence in your ability to express your ideas, thoughts and feelings.

  9. You will have satisfaction in creating finished works of art you can be proud of.

  10. Your stress levels will reduce and you will develop coping mechanisms enabling resilience.

  11. Your sense of well-being will improve giving you a greater sense of happiness.

  12. You will develop mindfulness aiding peace of mind

  13. You will gain positive focus  and  a greater ability for concentration.

  14. You will gain sense of purpose


journey map art therapy
Congleton Crafts & Pottery Painting at J
Haring Art
Amanda Vesty BA Hons PGCE
Artist & Teacher
20+ years experience
successful track record
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You will be part of a supportive community

You will have access to a private online group where you can share ideas, inspiration and support each other.

You will have the chance to socialise and make new friends

You will have a positive routine and structure to look forward to.

You will be able to use all your new-found skills to help structure and develop your life in a more positive and meaningful way.

This is not just a one-off course but a ‘rolling wheel’ of fellowship that you may choose to make a permanent part of your life with ongoing activities.


I am passionate about enabling people to find their power and purpose by discovering and developing their skills. Everyone can achieve, and we ALL have something to offer.


I believe that people are treasure boxes, you just have to find the key!

Any questions? Email me at

A creative therapeutic year course benefitting well being from accessing our creative nature. Not therapy as such but aiming to provide safe, structured and accompanied creative therapeutic experiences. 

We will be working with the natural cycles and seasons, using an integrative arts approach including poetry, art-making with natural materials, storytelling all held and reflected by our encounters with and in nature.

This course is about is about our relationship with ourselves, nature, creativity and therapeutic healing.

Practicals - The course takes place on Thursdays 10-12pm term times. Begins 27th February.

Some basic materials provided but it is expected that you will want to add with your own extras. 

You will need an A4 plain cartridge paper sketch book.

Paint Brushes

About Me

A qualified artist and teacher BA Hons PGCE. I gained my PGCE in Art and Design with Counselling as my second subject specialism. I have since worked as a teacher, artist and coach for over twenty years. I have a proven successful track record.


During this time, I have worked with a wide range of people and groups including teens with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties. Young people and adults with psychiatric and/or psychological difficulties. I have worked with young offenders in prison. I have worked with everyone, from children in care through to adults with successful lives. From people with chronic low self-esteem and confidence to those who have achieved all they want in life. I have helped all kinds of people from education refusers in school, adults with learning difficulties, people with non-typical neural pathways including autism, those with mental health difficulties through to enthusiastic retirees. I am able to work with groups and communities such as mental health groups as well as one to one.


I am the founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees. Its’ ethos is PosiviTree for CommuniTree and the mission is PlanetTree Healing for all. It focuses on woodland, wildlife and wellbeing through our love of trees. The group has 41,000 people and is rising daily.


You can pay for the year or term by term.

There are payment options for un/minimum wage and waged

You can pay for the term or for the whole year

Waged £96 for 6 x 2 hour sessions OR Per Year paid in advance £504 for 36 x 2 hour sessions

Un/low waged £60 for 6 x 2 hour sessions

Some basic materials provided. It is expected you will want to add to these with your own.

May Queen Painting
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