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Knowing When your Soul has Called To You

How Do You Know You Have Received A Soul Call? You know when you have received a soul call when you have:

A yearning for personal fulfilment.

The urge to serve a higher purpose.

The feeling that something is missing from your life.

A compelling from deep within your psyche.

A call for action based on principles of rightness.

Direct communication from angels/guides to embark on a quest, usually prompted 

An awareness of a 'karmic duty' that is embedded in your life's blueprint.

A compassionate pulling at your heart that doesn't go away.

An awakening through mind-soul connection which gives insight and direction.

Being a spiritual nomad who's still seeking.

A serve something other than yourself

A need to find the meaning of life, to make your life more meaningful

When you have found a world full of beauty and meaning then you know you have found it and are working to fulfil it.

Amanda x


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