Soul Call To Soul Wisdom

Soul Wisdom

Soul wisdom is something we can take for granted, under estimate and is not always known or understood by most who possess it. Yet there it is, always waiting for us to open the door to our own timeless knowing. We all know more than we realise! As a teacher of many years I'm passionate about enabling people to access their own innate gifts. In working with so many different people and groups over the years it is clear to me how much the society we live in can influence our perceptions of ourselves.

To Live a Wisdom Filled Life

To live a wisdom filled soul full life we must learn to TRUST our own inner knowing. That is those deep senses beneath the surface of everyday awareness, stirring us to ask questions, seek answers and look within. The child that constantly questions is often not encouraged to do so. We live in an education system that is about compliance not exploration, I saw this first hand as a teacher in secondary schools. So children grow up into adults who are taught to 'toe the line', not question and not be independent and whose gifts are not recognised and encouraged. Does this sound like you? This was me, this is most of us in fact.

Woman reading a magic book that is lit up and a butterfly
Image by Christine Engelhardt

Rooting Around The Wild Edges

I was lucky because I grew up in the countryside with nature as my teacher and I was also an avid reader devouring vast quantities of books. I went to school with itchy eyes from lack of sleep have spent the night reading. A lot of what we learn isn't in the classroom but in those wild edges when no one is looking, when we independently go rooting around the woods (in my case) or housing estates at twilight. Roaming streets, playing in parks and exploring down by the stream with its scrubby trees and abandoned shopping trolleys ... You get the gist.

Seeking Truth

For many, this underlying river of knowledge is ignored, repressed and even mocked. Sadly the modern outer material world is all-consuming. Too often many wear a mask pretending to be the image they project because of social expectations. We have all been there at some time in our journeys but soul wisdom can occur an any point.

For truth seekers, mundane reality is never enough. These are people who always strive to access their inner wisdom. We need more than what the world offers. We crave contact with the spiritual nature of being. When our inner knowing is awakened, we are prompted to be seekers at the soul level. To put in one way, "The veil", a Victorian interpretation of access to the world of spirit, is 'thin'.

There are many people who are 'teetering on the fence' so to speak. They have some sense of dissatisfaction with life but haven't yet made any real changes. It's like an itch that needs to be scratched. For many their souls are prompting them, but they do not have the trust or confidence in themselves or their experiences. It's easy to second guess yourself and create doubt. We all do at some point or another.

Just Be letters with others words inside.
Image by John Haines

The Challenge of Every Day Living

I am partly deaf in one ear and recently diagnosed autistic. I find noisy social settings a trial because everything becomes a wall of sound. Trying to hear conversations against a background of music or the noise of scraping and banging chairs and coffee machines is draining. Yet, take me out in the garden or the countryside and my hearing becomes much more acute and subtle. I also get a sense of relief. My body seems to take a deep breath and go "ahh".

The more you connect with yourself the more you will notice what I have just described above. We all do it to a greater or lesser extent. It's kind of like holding your breath til you can get some more fresh air. Work would be a good example. We put up the barriers, get on with the job til we get home and can relax. Its' ok to do this, and life isn't always exactly how we want it to be. Life isn't all love and light as some new agers will have us believe. But when it gets to be the whole time without respite ... well thats' a different matter. We all need an oasis of calm, a reservoir we can drink from.