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Finding Your Souls' Purpose

Finding your Soul Call

Find your niche in life and you will naturally find your souls' purpose. Where does your heart lead you? What issues in the world get your attention? Where do you to want to see change?

Make a list of your abilities. Is there something you can do within your immediate surroundings, your community or line of work?

It's good to start with what you know and build from there. Do you have a certain interest or desire to learn about a particular field? Pursue it. Let your curiosity lead the way and see where it takes you. Trust your gut instincts.

Do you have a dream? A secret one even? Is there something you've always wanted to do? Make a first small step towards it, then another and another. Be open and be curious. Be open to possibilities and opportunity. Don't be too rigid in your thinking. One door may close but there will be another around the corner.

Never limit your potential, don't believe those small voices of doubt. Remember that a change in mindset can reveal a whole new world. The following phrase is a good one. Who know what opportunities might arise?

"If you see a job that needs doing it's yours."

We are not alone in the world, nor in life. Help is always available to us. We are channels through which Light and Love can flow through. Our intentions attract support from like-minded beings, both in the physical and spiritual realms. We simply have to align with Love and Light.

Follow your inner self to the path of your soul. What will serve your heart best? Meditation is a really useful tool and it can really help you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, helping you to listen to your soul's calling. It doesn't have to be complicated. Practising the Zen of washing up is a good one. Getting out in nature as much as possible is a wonderful way to connect with the world on a much deeper more profound level.

Mother Nature is waiting for you to connect with her. When you see the beauty of the world you will fall in love. With love comes service. That is when you realise you are holding a basket of flowers in your hand.

Amanda x

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