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Green Friday

Make It Green

After a huge amount of rain it is blue sky and sunny here and the view from my study is blue, green and gold. This week did you know that colour can have a big impact on our sense of wellbeing? It’s why many hospitals feature green walls. I wrote a brief list of the health benefits of each colour here.

Green is a colour known for its positive influence on healing. We of often think of Mother Nature when we think of green and in fact it’s been proven that even an image of nature can help patients recover faster when in hospital. Houseplants are an obvious choice to bring in more colour but you could also use crystals , jewellery and ornaments too. If those items are nature inspired all the better!

Items inspired by nature might include gem trees , images of the the ‘Jack In The Green/Green Man’ and jewellery made out of natural items such as leaves. It just so happens that I have lots of these items available. :-)

Amanda Claire x


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