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Broad Bean Wisdom

My first broad bean harvest from very late planted beans.

My neighbours’ plants are about 5ft tall, mine are about 6 inches but what incredible value they’re giving me!! No soil prep, no watering and these beans are giving me, the insects and the soil, food.

Though small in stature my bean plants are producing great amounts of beans!

I find beans of all kinds to be magical plants. They are associated with kings, giants, gold and life and death itself. Plant ‘medicine’ extends beyond what you find in a shamans bag to a frozen supermarket bag.

Each pod is a packet of inspiration, nourishment for the soul as well as the body. The beans are contained within their own little furry sleeping bags. Hugely nutritious for humans and other animals and feeding the soil too they show us a generosity of spirit that comes from being a part of the cycle of life..

Amanda Claire x


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