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Mother Natures Autumn Colours

Painting love upon my eyes

She brushes her colours across land and sky

Driveway to the Pool at Church Lawton
Into The Gloaming

Curved Autumn Beech Tree Lawton Woods
Doorway To The Temple

Golden Lime Trees
The Three Golden Goddesses

Church Lawton Pool
The Secret Pool

Two golden lime trees
The Conversation

Autumn Beech Tree Canopy
Paint Upon My Eyes

Lime Tree
Lime Tree Goddess

Autumn Beech Leaves
A Sweep Of Her Autumn Gown

Autumn Light
Into The Light

Go outside, let the land speak, let mother nature come to you and take you home. This is our land, our earth and we belong to the world.

See my forest bathing offerings on my workshops page. Just like the things I sell every one who takes part raises money for tree planting and rewilding with Ancient and Sacred Trees in the Tropics and the UK>

Amanda x


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