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Pea Plant Teaching

Quite Possibly The Best Peas In The World - The sum total of my pea harvest this year.

My peas were planted very late in dry conditions with no watering aside from when they were put in. So there were very few peas to be had. The plants were tiny and the birds and mice ate a few which I do not begrudge them at all.

Pea Plant Teaching

Like Jack with his beans I am happy with my handful. While I won’t get a golden egg from the top of a beanstalk I will get soil enrichment from the growth of these few small plants. Insects gained nourishment from pollinating the few flowers. This small offering of peas tasted absolutely delicious. Beautiful tiny green globes all in alignment inside their pods. Each one embodying the spirit of a new plant and the wisdom within. My tiny pea plants teach how from tiny offerings can come great benefits.

I laugh at my tiny harvest and smile knowing that next year I will be able to plant much earlier and give the insects more flowers. It’s only a very tiny part of my unfolding allotment story, and that, my friends is the ‘golden goose. ‘

Amanda Claire x

I ‘pass the hat around’ and invite you to 'put a penny in the hat' :-).

I live with hidden disability and I'm passionate about enabling people to 'Live With Art And Soul.'

I'm the founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees that plants & protects trees in the Tropics & the UK, an MA Archaeology student, artist, teacher, healer and land guide. I love trees, history and the healing power of Mother Nature and sacred connection.


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