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Ghost Maidens

Ghost maidens dreaming in the meadow

A wisp of mist and soulless shadow

That whispering gaze

Melting in the mornings’ haze

Dressed in rags of wisp and curl

Brief beauty, loves loss unfurled

Blushed pink did they fleshly bloom

One summers' fickle afternoon

Their fleeting flowering life to die

Before drifting silent to the sky

That costly sinful Sunday singing dance

When all was lost to times' brief chance


My poem was inspired by Rosebay Willowherb and references the old Christian belief that it was a sin to dance on a Sunday which was sometimes used as a way to describe stone circles. The stones being dancers turned to stone after sinning.

The plant of course has medicinal and spiritual properties.

The idea of transformation is one I find fascinating, both in terms of plants life cycles and our own relationship to nature as well as the different beliefs we encounter over time.

Amanda x


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