Space Clearing & Blessing Tips

Top tips for space clearing and blessing. You should have read my previous space clearing and blessing articles and learned about some materials you can use including the Space Clearing Kit.

Guardian Spirit

Do you have a statue for example, that could represent a guardian spirit? Perhaps an angel, Buddha, your god/goddess, green man or woman, or a power animal. Put this somewhere prominent and smudge and bless it. Keep it clean and dusted. Bless it regularly with flowers, candles and incense. Not only will this provide a conduit for positive energy but also be a great visual psychological reminder to keep you in a positive frame of mind.

Buddha Statue to bring in Blessings
Bring Blessings In To Your Home


The kitchen is the place that feeds you so be sure to cleanse and bless your stove and fridge.


Keep your exterior doorways clean and tidy. Put a light outside, polish any brasses and keep planters looking fresh with healthy plants.

Garden and House Exterior

Paint gates, keep the hinges oiled and the pathways swept and clear. Get rid of any rubbish out of your garden. Even if you haven’t got green fingers you can keep your garden looking clean and tidy.

Bay trees.

Do you have green fingers? If so the bay tree was seen as a tree of protection, You could have a couple growing either side of your front door in pots, which would look very smart and be a protective influence. When you trim them you could use the leaves in your cooking or dry and burn them as incense. You could tie on some blessing thread too.

Bay leaves and a glass jar
Bay Leaves - The Bay is a Tree of Protection

Blessing Thread

Blessing thread can be used to ‘power up’ items by tying on a length of thread and saying a prayer as you do so. Items might include a wand if you have one, a lucky spoon, pair of shoes etc. You can tie to plants in your home or garden. You can make your own or buy my own hand spun blessing thread.

Cleanse Old Items

Do you have old jewellery, antiques and vintage items? Give these a smudge too as you don’t know what history or anything else is attached to them. Open up old boxes, closets and anything else and smudge inside as well as out. Cleanse them and bless them and make them yours by mentally visualising cutting all ties with any previous owners.

Remember, it is your strength of will, your personal intention and focus, that will really help to power up your space.


When sounding your bell/s does anywhere sound muffled? If so you probably need to give that particular area an extra smudge. I have seen many people use Tingsha (2 small cymbals on a string.) Don’t! Originally these were used, and still are used, to call in hungry ghosts for a sacred practise by monks. The last thing you want are hungry ghosts being invited into your new space so choose something else!