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Bring In The Blessings After A Space Clearing

How to bless a place to complete your space clearing. In parts one and two I talked about doing the first part of the space clearing and introduced the Space Clearing kit and how to use the palo santo and the black sage.

Bringing in the Blessing after the Space Clearing

Make sure you complete the first part of the space clearing before doing this second part. Use shasta sage to then go around as your 'double insurance' doing a second smudge. At this point take off the coverings from mirrors and reflective surfaces and smudge them too as you go around the room. You can now leave the coverings off. Use a nice sounding little bell (see part 3 for advice) to welcome in blessings.

Don’t leave a vacuum, fill your space! Speak aloud the blessings you want to bring in, call in your blessings . If you have bought the blessing kit you could use my suggestion if you can’t think of what to say. Speak clearly walking around each room sunwise in turn.

Candles and flowers to bring blessings into your home
Bring Blessings Into Your Home

Finally, once all the rooms have been cleansed and blessed go around each one and bring in the final blessings with your room spray. You could spray up in the corners. On top of the holy smokes this will leave a light fresh aroma.

What Does Blessing Your Space After A Space Clearing Do?

What you are doing with the blessing is filling the space back up so there is no room for anything else! You want to make your home so full of light it shines out leaving absolutely no place for shadows.

What I see a lot is that many people don't know how to clear a space or if they do they leave it blank instead of filling it with positive energy and protection. Years ago when I was young there wasn't the information available like there is now. But even today many people either do a space clearing or a space blessing but not both, and really they are two halves of one ritual that need to go together.

Protection After A Space Clearing and Blessing

Once everything else is done then walk around your property casting a mental bright white line all around. You could also use salt to cast a physical line too. It will of course dissipate but that’s fine because the work will have been done. This is your line of protection and as is above so it is below. Visual your lines of protection going above and below your space like a big glowing basket.

sea salt and sage
Sage and Salt Can Be Used for Cleansing and Protection

Finally, to make sure you yourself are squeaky clean, take a bath putting some salt in the water. This will also 'flush out' the drains too.

Gifts Of Gratitude For Your Blessed Space

A nice touch once you are complete, is to buy or make a gift for your blessed space such as a bunch of flowers or a new candle to burn. Bring these in with gratitude and a gift to the spirit of place. Make sure to dispose of used candles and dead flowers as soon as they are finished with. Use a room spray now and again to refresh your space. Gratitude is a very powerful habit to develop in your life and within your personal space.

See part three for my extra hints and tips for space clearing, blessings and protection.


Amanda x

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