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The Health Benefits of Colour

Therapeutic use of Colour for Health Benefits.

This list is based on the traditional and modern use of colour therapy. I would also think about the hue, tint and shade of the colours you use. For instance you can have a warmer orangey red or a cooler pinky red with a more purply shade to it. Green is one of my favourite colours reminding me of leaves and growth but it can also be more 'cow pat' coloured or veer towards a more 'poisonous' green too. The colours you pair your main colour with can affect it too.

Red - blood disorders, anemia, circulation, liver, depression, physical strength and stamina, stimulant, protection against cold and illness. Use with care, avoid overuse, can over stimulate and irritate.

Pink - self love and appreciation, emotional healing, forgiveness. You have probably heard the term to be 'in the pink' meaning of good health.

Orange - fatigue, lungs and chest, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, cholera, digestion : the absorption and use of nutrients, pain, cramps, bone health, tonic, laxative.

Yellow - strengthens nerves, digestive system : intestines, stomach and bowels, laxative, diabetes, lymphatic system, mental lethargy, liver and skin.

Green - restorative, balances system, strengthens heart and circulatory system, high blood pressure, ulcers, neuralgia, eyes, pituitary, mental/emotional balance.

Blue - antiseptic, cooling and calming, reduces inflammation, fever, infection, throat problems, speech problems, tension, hyperactivity.

Indigo - pineal gland, sight and hearing, nose and smell, skin problems, mental and emotional problems.

Violet - headaches, blood purification, spleen, brain illness and injury, mental disorders, meningitis, insomnia.

White - cleansing, purifying, all conditions of mind and body, protection from the "poison arrows" of others, use for unknown conditions.

Of course the information here isn't meant to replace professional care! You should, of course, go to your doctor.

In my next article I talk about some of the practical ways you can implement colour therapy into your life.



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