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Energetic Qualities of Colour Guide

You've probably heard of various sayings to do with colours such as to be 'green with envy', 'red with rage', 'yellow bellied coward', 'he's got the blues' or to be 'in the pink.' Here is a useful list of colours and their energetic qualities both positive and negative.

Energetic Qualities of Colour List

White - purity, purification, protection, wholeness, exposure, unconditional love, brilliance, devotion, clearing, holy.

Excess - harshness, overwhelming, invasive.

Silver/grey - knowledge, high mind, idealistic, executive power, portal, deflective protection.

Excess - manipulation, coldness, dismissive.

Red - Symbol of life, primal energy, fire, strength, vitality, passion, justice, sacrifice, aggression, will, confidence, courage, heat, expansion, stimulation, stamina, sexual energy and reproduction.

Excess - anger, insomnia, force, conceit, crass, callous, hyperactive.

Pink - love, affection, gentleness, nurturance, acceptance, kindness, success.

Excess - self-centered, self- gratification, lazy, dreamy, unrealistic.

Peach - peace, friendship, openness, generosity, warmth, hospitality.

Excess - denial, people pleasing, passivity.

Orange - joy, enthusiasm, sociability, tolerance, optimism, motivation, concentration, productivity, contentment.

Excess - giddiness, impractical, exhibitionism, destructive.

Yellow - intellect, clarity, learning, cheerfulness, logic/reason, self-control, strength of mind, critical thinking.

Excess - narcissism, superiority, nitpicking, overload/burn-out, intolerant.

Gold - wisdom, mastery, achievement, reward, prosperity, manifestation power.

Excess - greed, power hungry, false power, false security, self aggrandized.

Green - growth, nature, health, money, balance, peace, harmony, luck, refreshment, renewing, nourishment, abundance.

Excess - greed, envy, excess, strangling growth (cancers, tumors)

Blue - universal love, calm, trust, wisdom, emotional health, goals, steadiness, fairness, sensitivity, honesty, service, speech, conservatism, chivalry, compassion.

Excess - constriction, retraction, repression, shyness, sadness, apathy.

Navy Blue - loyalty, friendship, camaraderie, integrity, compassion, devotion, honour, contentment.

Excess - overbearing, dark emotions, pride, depression, futility.

Clear, Bright, Blue - protection, emotional strength, humanitarian love, inner joy and satisfaction.

Excess - material indifference, irresponsibility.

Light Blue - peace, spirituality, inspiration, gentleness, soothing, tender love, adoration.

Excess - immaturity, laziness, powerlessness.

Turquoise - Focus, determination, regeneration, inspiration, represents balance of earth and sky.

Excess - uncaring, wildly aloof, lack of compassion.

Indigo - mental expansion, intrigue, mysteries, psychic development, going within, searching, discovering, subconscious mind.

Excess - detachment, insensitive, delusional, aloof, sarcastic, dreamer.

Purple - Clairvoyance and other psychic abilities, intuition, visionary, spirituality, religious devotion, mysticism, abundance, mastery, creative, deep thinking/contemplation

Excess - dementia, cruelty, perversion, fanatical, self-righteous, manipulative.

Magenta - quickening, expressive, magnetic, bold, brilliant, powerful, fortunate, dynamic, receptive and active.

Excess - selfish, snobbish, sassy, unwavering, delirious, inflated ego.

Brown - earthy, material security, strength, work ethic, competence, steadfast, dependable, business savvy.

Excess - stubborn, lethargic, dull, indifferent, careless, mean.

Black - protection, boundary, formality, dignity, introspection, transmutation, fertile field of creation, void, possibilities and probabilities, rest, reprieve.

Excess - seclusion, misunderstanding, confinement, repression, sorrow, sense of loss, intensified aggression, violence.

It can be useful to know these qualities so you can dress accordingly to help improve your mood for example or to decorate a room in your house. It is very useful in art too. I have explored this over the years in t]my therapeutic art sessions in schools and with adults. Even in an abstract piece of work so much can be conveyed by the use of colour. This can be of healing benefit to the artist but can also create therapeutic art pieces for an audience too.

My therapeutic year art course explores the use colour and so much more.



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