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Indoor Gardening for Wellbeing

Gardening can take place indoors as well as outside so you can get your nature fix even if you're stuck inside. Houseplants can help with your wellbeing! Ivy is a wonder plant that sucks loads of toxins out of the air. Succulents are a great easy care option if you forget to water your plants as they are pretty forgiving, tolerating dry conditions other plants wouldn't. When you see them looking a bit shrivelled just give them a brief splash of water. Make sure not to leave them sat in a puddle for more than 10 minutes as they don't like wet feet.

In the meantime here is a gentle mention that I have put a 50% discount on homewares and also on fairy gardens.

Codes are:

Homewares ; Green Friday 1

Fairy gardens ; Green Friday 2

Remember that every £5 funds tree planting and protection so lets make it a a Green Friday!

Tending to a miniature garden is a wonderful mindful activity. You can water it, deadhead plants, trim leaves etc and move around any little trinkets for a change of scene. Plus you could make one up for an elderly or disabled relative who maybe can't get outside. I also find these tiny gardens are great for folks with disabilities. If I can't do much myself I do some indoor gardening.

A miniature garden would make a totally unique gift! Or you could gift the accessories.

Amanda Claire x


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