Chirk Castle Dragons

Meeting dragons from East and West. Folklore and furnishings, and dragons of the dark and light.

First came the dragons* (see bottom of article) of the rising sun with the beautiful porcelain vases of China. There were three dragons depicted on the vases seen below. The vase of most interest was the ‘gu’ shaped vase in the middle depicting a sinuous dragon. The tall slender vase has a delicate flared base changing to a narrow middle before widening out. ‘Gu’ shaped objects like this where the top is wider than the base were usually made of metal.

Unfortunately, they didn’t photograph too well due to the poor lighting conditions, but enough at least to give you an insight.

I was later to discover another Chinese dragon in another of the rooms, Again poorly photographed. Easily missed this was not included as part of the folklore and furnishings exhibition.

Then came a scroll of the castle descendants. Could this be a dragon? It didn't look like the lions or wolves depicted elsewhere. You will have to visit and decided for yourself.

Dragons and Serpents Inside and Outside

Of more interest were these serpent twins I found on an old door fashioned out of the hinges.

According to the National Trust display on heraldry the dragon was said to symbolise bravery and the snake ambition.

Lastly came some strange creatures on what is said to be the oldest plasterwork in the castle. These were up near adjacent to the tower with the dungeon.