• Amanda C Vesty

Chirk, Castle Of The Damned

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Ghostly Goings On at Chirk Castle or, Tales of the Unexpected

Our visit to #ChirkCastle didn’t turn out as we planned. Far from the pleasant afternoon we had hoped for we left having seen and felt far more than we bargained for. Read on and see what you think …

A bus took us up to the castle entrance and dropped us off by the gate. We both love history and of course I am always on the lookout for Bears, Dragons and the Green Man. It was quite a dull dark afternoon and with the blinds being drawn down the interior was really very gloomy making it quite difficult to see some things without my glasses on. We (me and my daughter) had gone for the #FolkloreandFurnishings exhibition but discovered it was rather more geared to the children so was pretty basic information, but still nice to see some of the artefacts including some rather fine vases with dragons on.

However, as we went around the whole place seemed to get gloomier and gloomier. It got worse as we went around. The red bedroom was, to be frank, really quite #creepy. Jazz didn’t stick her head round the door for very long, pronouncing it ‘horrible’. It felt really ‘dense’ and ‘heavy’.

Being a lover of antiquaries of all kinds I was rather surprised to find myself generally giving things only cursory glances rather than lingering. Mind you I did manage to spot a few things of interest but more on them elsewhere.

So, we reached the end of the tour of the main rooms and were directed to a tower. As it was near closing time we didn’t bother reading any of the signs but headed straight down the stairs. Old and worn and winding down it felt like we really descending into the depths of the castle. Upon reaching the bottom the place felt horrible. I got an instant headache and the room felt pressurised. I started to feel sick and really very unwell.

Jazz looked at me, I looked at her, and we practically ran up the stairs … we couldn’t wait to get out!

We came across a sign near the entrance about #RogerMortimer who killed two boys.

Next, we headed outside to the gardens. As we went around we noticed a couple of really rather odd statues that really seemed to add to the rather strange uneasy atmosphere.

We later discovered they are by the sculptor #Luccesi his work is described as often mysterious and provocative. Apparently, the statures are called Destiny and Vanishing Dream.

Upon leaving the garden we headed around the front of the castle to the drive back down. We had just passed two stone gateposts and were looking down towards a small turreted tower. “This place is just really weird’ I said. Jazz looked really upset.

She is really down to earth and not given to flights of fancy but said she hated the castle and just wanted to get away from it. She said she felt like the castle didn’t want us to leave when we reached the gates. To me at that point the place felt simply evil.

As we walked down the drive and past the small tower and down the hill Jazz looked really quite distressed. She said she had the impression a woman was walking beside us leaning on someone and that she was wearing an old fashioned white cap. It wasn’t that she could ‘see’ her, more it was like a memory in her mind’s eye. She said the woman was terrified. She got the impression the woman never made it away from the place.

When we reached the car, I said firmly that we were leaving and not taking anything with us, that we were leaving the castle to itself. Picking up her phone in the car to distract herself she was shocked for these two Instagram posts to pop up. I reiterated that we were leaving the castle and its' energy behind as we drove away around the foot of the hill where the castle sat.

Later that evening it dawned on us it was the day before Halloween and Jazz wondered if that had had anything to do with what happened. Jazz told me she doesn’t believe in #ghosts. Halloween is however the time of the 'thinning of the veils', between the world. As Hallow Eve it is the vigil before #AllSaintsDay as #Samhain it is the vigil before #CelticNewYear. Perhaps these strange experiences were heightened because of the time of year.

Jazz was really upset about the days’ experience, saying it really freaked her out and she has refused to talk about it since.

Today I looked online to see if the castle had any #hauntings

I found this strange tale on answers.com in answer to the question “Are there any #ghosts at Chirk Castle?”. A Wiki user replied on the 03/27/2011

“I believe there are - many years ago a relative who resided near the castle walked through the grounds and saw an apparition in Victorian dress appear in the road then melt away.”

Make of our disturbing day out what you will!

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#HappyHalloween. Wishing you Peace and Blessings whatever faith you are or none.

Take Care


PS There are more legends and stores associated with the Castle we will look at those another time, along with the dragons, trees and even a bear.