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Mind Clearing Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques For Mind Clearing and Controlling Worries

The following mind clearing meditation exercises are helpful in beginning meditation practice. As with anything, the more you practice, the easier it gets and the more automatic it becomes.

Mind Clearing

You would think it would be easy to clear the mind but its' much harder than it seems. Just try and stop thinking! So it helps to give your mind must have something to focus on. There are several techniques below you can try to help with this.

Did You know mind Clearing can help you to ...

calm down, lower blood pressure, focus on a specific task, reroute your thinking, direct energy, send and receive telepathic communications, receive inspiration and information, learn and discover.

A mind cleared is easier to meditate with. You have to delete everything in your mind treating all thoughts as the enemy. The mind is a useful tool and part of you so it pays to be kind.

Try out following meditation techniques to clear your mind.

Empty Sky - imagine lying in a hammock or on the soft grass, looking up at the sky. The air is warm and the sky is a clear blue.

You might see a cloud drift across the sky, or maybe you see a bird or an airplane fly by but whenever your mind strays from the clear blue sky these are just random thoughts appearing. I don't like to use the word 'control' I think its' better to think of it more as guiding. Just tell them they must leave you for now to enjoy your empty sky.

We al have times of persistent thoughts, especially when we are stressed or worried about something. At these times you can put your thoughts into balloon and then release into the sky and watch them float out of sight. This can help you to let go of any worries or distracting thoughts at least for a while.

Calm Lake - See yourself sitting by a nice calm lake. If you see anything else such fishes, frogs, boats, etc you can gently send them on their way.

If you find thoughts interfering pick up a pebble and put your thoughts into it, then toss it into the lake. In this way reinforcing that now is not the time. You can back to them some other time.

The balloon and pebble techniques are two method for releasing worries. Every worry or concern is put into a balloon or pebble, depending on the scenario, then allowed to fade away and be given up to the universe, Goddess or whoever.

Blank Slate - imagine a black board. Alternatively it might be a white board or an empty computer screen. Every thought that comes into your mind is written on this board or screen and you can erase or delete them as they appear. You can tell yourself that you'll get back to them another time.

If you find the thoughts are difficult ones, it is OK to say so as you erase/delete them. This applies if they are destructive, angry, false or limiting thoughts. It really helps to be honest and acknowledge ones clearly that you have difficulty with. Only then can you start to deal with them effectively. Acknowledge to yourself by stating that they are false. You can then move onto to stating they no longer needed nor wanted.

Calming the Chatterbox - There are times some minds need more help to quiet them enough to be able to focus, including my own. As you're visualising the empty sky, calm lake or blank slate, focus on a word, a simple affirmation or a sound such as Ohm. Repeat it over and over while envisioning one of the above scenes you have set up.

A simple affirmation might be, "I am calm and serene", "I am completely relaxed" or "I am in God's/Goddesses/Universes hands", etc. You could even just say one word like 'peace'.

Once you have cleared your mind, to a point you are content with, you can proceed with your chosen meditation.



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