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Midsummer Magic

MIdsummer when twilight seems to last for most of the night is a magical time of fairies and other beings. Jack-In-The-Green is based in an especially magical location. The peaks and plains abound with magic and myth.

Did you know Cheshire has lots of dragon stories? One such is the Venables Dragon that lived around the aptly named Dragon Lane. One brave fellow called Thomas Venables fought and killed after the locals found its beahiour somewhat antisocial. Eating the locals is not a pastime to be generaly recommended if you want to get on with your neighbours!

Dragons a much misunderstood animal, but provided they are fed regularly they may great pets. They come in all sizes and some are small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. We have initiated a dragon breeding program to restablish these endangered creatures. Since Glebe Farm is a haven for all sorts of animals and their babies it made sense to set up here. We have even created with the help of Kids Club a dragons lair for the smaller ones to live in that you can see when you visit.

You can learn more about dragons, their stories and maybe even get yourself a dragon pet here at Jack-In-The-Green. There's lots to do including some dragon themed potery painting and other actviities too.

Hope you like the picture of one of our Astbury dragons hatching . :-)


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