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The Conversation

Trees are living beings in relationship with each other. They're also in relationship with the earth and us too.

Tilia, Lime Tree Linden Wisdom Medicine

I love documenting #trees generally but its nice to capture something more at times. The wisdom of trees, the largest living plants is all around. We can connect with them at any time. Above you can see the beautiful relationship between two lime trees. You can have that relationship as well. Lean forwards and listen ... Lime trees, also known as Lindens, are trees of the heart. Let them speak to yours.

I love that people share what's important to them in my #AncientandSacredtrees group. I think that by sharing all our #relationships with trees we help spread the beauty of them and hopefully more people will stand up to protect them and #planet earth. I hope also we can be more thankful and aware when we have to use them and when take what we need from the earth.

When I go out, if I have my camera, I like to not just document trees but also hope, with some images, to capture a little of what I see and feel on a deeper level too.

The earth and every living thing upon it is in some kind of conversation. When we walk the land it has a conversation with us too and if we are present then it becomes a two way #conversation.

We've all had times like that I think. We gain so much from being #outside and the #land can not just reflect how we feel at any given moment but also help us heal during the difficult times by giving us something more. #Healing can take place at a really deep level. We may notice an increase in #energy and #positivity.

We are not required to do anything but witness what is all around us and in doing so we access the real #nature of things including ourselves.

Amanda Claire x

If you would like to join my group it's free. There are films to watch, blog and positive newsletter and lots more. PositiviTree for CommuniTree.


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