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Painting With Leaves

Mother Nature is painting the world with her leaves. Here's a couple of ideas to bring her beauty indoors...

It is not always the easiest time of year with the days shortening but if you find yourself struggling do go outside, science has proven the effects of mother nature on our wellbeing. I've written about it before now in the blog. here's a link to the benefits of being out in the woods with some nice pics too.

If you have children getting them to draw around leaves and then paint the silhouettes. It's an easy and a fun activity.

Revelling in the beauty of the leaves themselves you could also get them to make some garlands by threading on string to decorate a room with. A great compostable decoration!

This could be a real mindfulness activity starting with a forest bathing / Shin rin Yoku trip. Wander at will looking for fallen leaves walking slowly and collecting the leafy treasures.

Once home you can look at each one in turn admiring their beauty, engaging your senses. Smell them, touch them, look at them noticing their shapes and forms and colours. If making a garland you can think about what order you want them to go before threading them on to the string. Tell a story with the sequence of your collected leaves. Perhaps creating a rainbow or going alternating large and small. Maybe the garland will speak of your journey with each leaf representing the path taken.

Amanda Claire x

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