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A Fair Green Christmas

Well today the sky never really got light so the fairy lights at my shop really sparkled and shone. As the light drains away we are of course heading towards Winter Solstice and to Christmas. Whatever your beliefs, this time of year is a wonderful way to spread a little cheer to those near and far.

When you buy your gifts think about who made them, and where the materials came from to make them. Think about where you buy them too .. support your local businesses rather than the big multinationals. Before I opened I went to a big trade fair at the NEC. It shocked me. Miles and miles and miles of stuff and where does it all come from? Where does it go to? Dug out or havested from the ground and chucked into landfill if its' cheap plastic tat. It made me more determined than ever to only stock sustainably sourced and ethically made goods.... Which is why if you come and visit you will only find quality Fair Trade and ethical British items to buy. x


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