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A Green Christmas!

Welcome! Here you can see my shop all decorated for the festivities. I made all the decorations myself from greenery I found in the hedgerows and in my garden. This is the old traditional ritual way country folks celebrated Winter Solstice and Christmas in times past. Also if you have a sprig of mistletoe the tradition is to leave it up for the whole year as it brings good luck.

It's a wonderful way to celebrate the darkening nights and to remind ourselves of the treasures that nature has to offer. It's cheap and eco friendly too! Of course don't strip every last sprig of holly you see, always leave plenty behind and make sure to leave lots of berries for the birds. I have some lovely red berries on the windowsill outside. The birds can eat them if they get hungry so it serves two purposes in one. :-)

The money I saved on decorations I spent on some good quality fairy lights. Well I do love fairy lights and anything else that glitters and sparkles! Always go for quality items that way they won't end up in landfill after 5 minutes. Get Fair Trade if you can. Fair Trade means workers get a fair wage and a treated fairly and the goods are from sustainable sources. Red and green are traditional Christmas colours... lets' focus on the green this year and make it a Green Christmas.

Bella The Jackahuahua says "Woof!" by the way. You can see her in the picture. x


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