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3 Helpful Steps For Visualisations and Shamanic Journeys

Three Step Prep

Here is a suggestion for a three step prep for visualisations and journeys centring, grounding and aligning.

1 - Center

To centre yourself, you want to eliminate all distracting thoughts from your mind. Forget about everything else going on in your life for a time. A mind-clearing exercise can help you do that. Bring all your attention and focus onto this one thing - the first step...

Using breath and visualisation gather your energies. Breathe in deeply and slowly through the nose, filling your lungs to capacity by pushing out your abdomen while inhaling. On this breath, visualize yourself inhaling a pure white energy that fills every cell of your body, healing and relaxing it.

You can use affirmations to reinforce this energetic action, i.e., "I am filled with the healing breath of the universe, which penetrates every cell in my body, purifying and restoring health and vitality."

Hold for a count of 4-8, whichever you can. Then exhale slowly through the mouth, visualising every cell in your body relaxing. FEEL the tension melt away.

Deliberately relax your facial muscles and any others that feel tense or tight.

Use an appropriate affirmation at the same time, for example, "I now release all tension and worry from my life to be positively transformed, I am free."

Repeat this exercise until you feel relaxed and receptive. The goal is to clear your mind, relax your body and be fully present in the moment. 

Visualise yourself inside a ball or egg of light and see it as pure white and whole. It is your protective shield, your personal space, your domain.

Reinforce with affirmations, i.e., "My aura is healed and sealed, nothing can penetrate it" or, "Only those that come in the white light of love and truth may approach me".

When you feel relaxed and uncluttered by lots of intrusive thoughts you can proceed to ground yourself.

2 - Ground

This step helps to you to feel fully present in your body and feel secure that its' energies are within the Earths' field. You are making clear your location 'planting your flag' and saying, 'this is my home I will return fully conscious to.' You want to feel clear and fully conscious about where you are in the here-and-now. This is because it is good to do visualisations and go on journeys, but you want to make sure you always bring yourself 'back home' fully on your return. Sometimes people can feel a bit 'ungrounded' or 'not all there' if they don't fully detach from their visualisation cleanly and clearly.

Visualise a beam of energy from your central core, your energy emerging from your feet while your feet are on the floor or ground penetrating into the Earth, anchoring your energetic essence to the heart of Mother Earth.

You are consciously secure, grounded and physically and energetically sustained within the Earths' energy field. You might like to say an affirmation at this stage too.

3 - Align

Now you are connecting your conscious awareness to your 'higher self' and to the realm of spirit. This connection is always there, just are just making a more conscious connection. You are increasing your spiritual awareness and becoming opening and more sensitive.

From here you visualise an energy beam rising from the top of your head (crown chakra) and merging with your higher self. You can imagine your higher self as a star or a ball of light. The important thing is to FEEL the connection. Some say we connect to our higher self 6-8" above the head through the eighth chakra called the "Soul Star" energy centre .

Here you can make an affirmation for example "My Higher Self and I are One, communication between us is open and clear." You are now in the realm of higher mind and ready to proceed from the three step prep to visualisations and journeying.

Be relaxed, open, aware, listen, feel. What do you see and hear? Ask questions and allow response. Do not engage in mental chatter. The key is to be receptive. Affirm, "I am centred, I am grounded, I am one with higher mind, I receive only truth."

The more you use your chosen techniques such as this three step prep process, the easier it becomes.


- Don't force concentration but let your mind rest easy in relaxed focus and observe.

- If distracting thoughts come in just let them go, try not to hand on to them.

- The more centred you are, the less distracted you'll be by outside phenomena which is partly why above steps can be helpful.


Whatever method you choose it is important to set yourself up methodically and consciously first. I've seen too many inexperienced workshop leaders for example glossing over this, taking participants on journeys then leaving them feeling disconnected afterwards. This is why I always take care to walk people through clearly and make sure everyone is back-the-room when we finish.

Amanda x


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