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20 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has some wonderful benefits for our health and wellbeing and so much more.

Here is a list of 20 main outcomes of meditation:

  1. Healing

  2. Relaxation

  3. Stress reduction

  4. Mind clearing

  5. Centring

  6. Focusing

  7. Forgiveness

  8. Letting go of thoughts and things that no longer serve us

  9. Acknowledging and coming to terms with past mistakes and actions

  10. Training of the conscious and subconscious minds

  11. Overcoming addictions and bad habits

  12. Communication with higher self and beyond

  13. Accessing info from the subconscious mind, memory, collective consciousness

  14. Communication with the natural world

  15. Personal development

  16. Spiritual awakening

  17. Increased intelligence, wisdom and sensitivity

  18. Improved confidence

  19. Finding out what is important and meaningful to you

  20. Improving our relationships with others

Meditation and a short story about one mans' experience.

Teaching in adult education I have met all kinds of people. This included a lovely man who told me that in learning to meditate he overcame his epilepsy. He said he hadn't set out to meditate with this in mind, but that in making it his daily practise to meditate he became quite adept and his recovery from it was a side effect. Since that time he has gone on to share with others how to meditate too. Of course there is no guarantee of the outcomes of any type of meditation in terms of curative properties, but it is proven fact that it most certainly helps with our mental health and well being.



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