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Welcome To My World ...

Welcome to my world! Thoughts, musings, and hopefully some inspiring and useful bits and pieces from time to time too. I say "welcome to my world" but really I am talking about THE world. We rarely see things as they truly are being too busy and preoccupied with other things but if we stop, even for just a little while, then can come the chance for the world to come vividly back into focus.

Jack-In-The-Green is about encouraging our "creative nature". For me this creative spirit within us is the drive to feed the soul. ... To be creative is to be curious and to be curious means endless opportunity for discovery... with discovery can come self realisation and Being ... so that we can connect with our native soul, the wild within. Learn to live with art and soul and become the blessing the world needs.

Of course if all that sounds a bit wordy what it boils down to is being happy!

Jack-In-The-Green provides the opportunities. From the ethical gift shop with items you can use for your own rituals and ethical homewares to live in beauty, to various workshop activities and retreats or listening to a story. If that fails just come and see Bella, she's always ready with a smiling face and wagging tail.


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