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Vintage Fairy Magic

Gather your friends & family in the heart of Cheshire and relive the magic of childhood. We have lots of retro style fairy houses, fairy doors, and accessories. Everything you need in fact to create homes and gardens for all your Fairy Folk friends! They are a wonderful way to connect with the magic of this world & the beauty of nature. You are never too old to have a happy childhood and this is something particularly wonderful to share with your children & grandchildren. In order to Live With Art And Soul you need to find out what makes you happy. Simple pleasures are always the best. So many people complain to me that their children spend far too much time in front of the TV & computer. Well, this is a great way to keep them occupied & for you to do something special.

If you do want to go online however I have started up a new Facebook group called The Fairy Folk for you to join & share inspiration & ideas for fairy gardens etc as well as folklore. Hope to see you there. Oh & don't foregt to like my new FB page also called The Fairy Folk too. :-)

I see my fairy home & garden creations as little shrines & offerings to nature. The world needs more love & blessings in it. So make fairy homes & gardens & add a little magic to your hopes, dreams & wishes. Live With Art & Soul. x


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