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The Green Man and The May Queen

Beltane May Day

Beltane (May Day or Baltain) brought the May Blossom to Astbury. The Goddess Mother Nature dressed in all her finery. Cow parsley, Bluebells, Ransomes, Primroses, Cowslips, Orchids, Violets, Archangels, Lords and Ladies all singing their hearts' love. Flowers scattered on a gown of green, such as Thomas The Rhymer might have seen on the Faerie Queen when he awoke from slumber beneath the Hawthorn. That was the first story I learned (a folk version). Fairytales have a magic all their own that speak of nature and ancient rites disguised as folk tales.

Ancient Cheshire History

Cheshire is steeped in history, in myth and magic. Astbury is no exception. St Mary's church is built on a burial mound, St Bertoline In Barthomley is built on Barrow Hill, Lawton Church just down the road also built on a mound. There are signs of the ancient folks everywhere in these parts, from the Bridestones, The Cloud, Mow Cop and on. Mermaids and dragons abound, symbols of ancient memories, ancient knowledge passed down the generations.

Astbury May Day

Now is the time of May Day Festivities, the old fertility festival lives on with The May Queen and The Jack-In-The-Green. Astbury has its own May Day so why not join in if you live locally? There is traditional Maypole dancing and music.

Jack In The Green

Here at Jack-In-The-Green, we celebrate Beltane. We have our own special May time magic to welcome in the Summer. :-)

Check out the Green Man page for lots of green man gifts and tree themed gifts too


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