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The Forest Of Dreams

The Forest Of Dreams is a charity I support, you can find out more about it by clicking on the link under the Contact Page. The Beltain Exhibition on currently is in support of this special charity allowing the rewilding of a beautiful Welsh Valley. Since the sheep have been removed it is awash with swathes of wild flowers and new tree saplings are growing in abundance all across the hillsides. *

When we lose our connection with Mother Earth we lose our connection to ourselves and it leaves us lonely and lost. When mankind first started to put the needs of himself above those of nature perhaps millennia ago that was his undoing. Those first conscious choices are now culminating in vast extinctions of whole species across the planet. Can we as individuals do anything to help? Yes, I believe we can! Becoming more aware of our impact on our environment is a start.

10% of proceeds from the exhibition is being donated.* There are many Jack-In-The-Greens or Green Men on display both English and Fair Trade. Do come and visit. I can point you in the direction of some local ones to visit too. Amanda x

PS The photo is a glimpse of this magical Welsh Valley.

*Jack In The Green now plants trees and rewilding with every purchase with Ancient and Sacred Trees. The Forest of Dreams is doing well with nature continuing to flourish in its magical valley.

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