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In Search Of Jack In The Green and The Singing Heart In All Things ... A New Group

In Search Of Jack In The Green and The Singing Heart In All Things...

The soul of the world is calling so come on a quest to find that singing heart. Where is Jack In the Green? Where are the Sheela Na Gig and the Fae? Share the stories, myths and wonders of the natural world. Let us create a treasury of wisdom that many forgot but which we all hold somewhere deep inside. The heart will continue its' singing so long as we are there to listen. My latest Facebook group has been inspired by my own love of the Earth and its stories & mysteries. It has sprung from my craft studio/shop set up 14 months ago called Jack-In-The-Green which has the ethical mission 'Live With Art & Soul' at its heart. It has received a really positive response. Also the Ancient And Sacred Trees Group I set up 12 months ago which has rocketed in popularity. I feel blessed. I love community, the common ground found between us and how this can create a better world and further a better understanding of the relationship between humans and Mother Nature. I believe there is ancient Earth Wisdom hidden in the old stories & myths. Let us celebrate our indigenous history, the culture of the world's soul that runs through our veins. In this 'civilised' place of duality and division there is a home where we can all meet. The world magical and wondrous. Lets go in search of that wonder. For, as Rumi says, "When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about." Anyway, given all the above I feel there is a place for a group building upon this here it is! I look forward to seeing all your wonderful pictures and stories. Let all be welcome here no matter who they are to find that common ground upon which we all stand. ... Dear Hearts share what inspires you that we may once again sing the soul of the world alive and in that let hope burn bright for Love Of The Land. Live With Art & Soul! Love Amanda xxx

PS: Ancient and Sacred Trees has grown a lot since this post was written. It is now a Not For Profit celebrating and planting trees.

Jack in the green now plants trees with every purchase!


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