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Imbolc Blessings

Imbolc blessings to you all.

I wrote this morning to my tree group: "Each of you is a snowdrop bringing hope in the darkness of our society's Winter. While we continue to court beauty, love will reign and culture change will rise as the green shoots of hope. Never underestimate the power of your posts.

People will only protect what they love and the outpouring of beauty and inspiration that you share here is filling Facebook newsfeeds across the world and teaching others about the beauty and inspirations of trees and mother nature.

This is why I encourage your personal sharing of what you love and what is important to you. These stories are powerful and make a difference! We also support links to petition campaigns as well."

Social media is powerful. It may be a virtual world but it is also a way to celebrate the real living world and in so doing content people back to it.

Ancient and Sacred Trees runs a number of groups on Facebook across the world. You may be interested to know we have a website too with blog, newsletter etc and it's developing all the time. It is FREE to join us :-) xxx

I have some information about the Goddess Brigid and her association with bears and our native inheritance here in the Uk. That is coming over this February the month we typically associate with her. I will also be including some examples from my local landscape to illustrate. My research into our ancient native inheritance has been ongoing for a number of years. It is my intention to start uploading some of it here. I am also mulling over how to develop my tree group. Both these things are about culture change. Re-remembering our connection to the land and the beings that inhabit it.

Thank you for reading and if you love history you may like to take a look at my workshops.

Blessings Amanda Claire x


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