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Christmas Presents

Well what a year 2014 has been. :-) We donated money and gifts to various organisations including £70 for Alsager Animals In Need and The Forest Of Dreams this Christmas.

To Live With Art & Soul is at the heart of Jack-In-The-Green. It is what you see in the mission statement. I believe happy people make the world a better place. Jack-in-The-Green is about happiness, it is about caring for our community and our beautiful Earth.

I set up Ancient and Sacred Trees on Facebook at the beginning of 2014 .... it now has a thriving commuinty of 3000 people.* Folks share their love of and relationship to trees and we also share and take part in campaigns to save them. Not bad for something that started with a an idea that turned into clicking a button that grew into a full & active community....and its still growing! It just goes to show that small things can ....and do make a big difference.

I believe that we all all have the power for good, to make a positive difference to our world. We all have a gift to give ... so give it! This to me is the Tr

ue Spirit of Christmas.

We, myself, my daughter Jasmine and our little dog Bella would like to offer a heart felt thank you for supporting Jack-In-The-Green.

Blessings on you all.

With Love From Amanda xxx

UPDATE! A lot has happened since this post was first written! Ancient and Sacred Trees is now a Not-For-Profit celebrating and planting trees. Every purchase made with Jack In The Green Ethical gift shop raises money to plant trees with Ancient and Sacred Trees. You can find out more at


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