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Angels Of Astbury

The Angels of St Marys' Church, Astbury, Cheshire

I love St Mary's Church of Astbury. It has life size angels holding up the roof, only one of them is missing. I like to think the angel fell in love with a member of the congregation and followed them home! If you get chance do go and see this beautiful church for the angels are just one of the magical and inspiring things about this special place! It is incredibly beautiful and is described as one of the finest churches in England.

Angels Are All Around Us

Angels are all around us if we could only see them. It's just they don't all have wings. I think we can all be angels if we choose to be. Just a smile can brighten someones' day and costs nothing. Everything we do has a consequence but how often do we forget this? We are beings of light who cast shadows with our thoughtlessness. Christmas of course is one of those magical times when our thoughtfulness literally manifests as tangible gifts under the tree. So put thought into your gifts because it really is true that it is the thought that counts.

Ethical Angel Gifts

The angel you see here is ethically sourced and hand carved from Bali and comes with its own bag. The gold pot is hand painted from India. I put thought into the lovely things I stock because Fair Trade means a fair wage and working conditions for the craftspeople who make these beautiful things. Be an angel and buy Fair Trade this Christmas ... because together our thoughtfulness can spread a little light. :-)


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