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A Line is a Dot that went for a Walk...

Walking and Seeing

I have been mulling over the fact that most of us walk without seeing the world around us as we make our way from one place to another. So in class on Wednesday evening I took this idea and used it to explore 'natural forms', discovering treasures from nature in other words! The artist Paul Klee is responsible for the quote you see used as the title today.

A Drawing Exercise

So we took our pens and pencils for a walk exploring. Continuous line is one of my favourite exercises. The idea is to draw without lifting pen from paper...not even once. So often we can get 'stiff' in our drawings as we get caught up in judgments about it, stopping and starting, reworking and revising the spontaneity and joy out of the process.

What A Continuous Line Drawing Exercise Can Help to Do

This little exercise helps to loosen our minds' grip and gives the body a chance to respond instead. It lets us physically follow the shape and form with our body instead of our mind, the hand and arm literally led by the eye tracing what it sees. The picture you see uses a humble biro and took about 10 minutes. So, a journey led by the eye not the mind.


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