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The World Awakes ... Treasures, Art, Life & Footprints.

Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is over, the decorations have come down and the winds have scoured the face of the earth clean. Spring can seem so far away in these cold times, but the days are lightening and lengthening. And though it may seem as though Mother Earth is reduced to skin and bone and we are left shivering and feeling empty this is not so. If we take the time to look at the world around us there is much to marvel at.

Life continues much as it always does, mooing, baaing, quacking, crowing, and making muddy footprints. And though the land may seem asleep and hostile to being disturbed from its slumbers, something stirs. Tiny treasures emerge... green spears push their way up through the ground assuming a jewel like quality against the dried husks of last year and the blue misted hills. The cold clear air and winter sun make trees gleam in purples and silvers against rich russeted bracken.

Plant Magic Medicine

The plants have been dreaming and now they are ready to make them manifest in the world. They are the adepts of manifestation magic. Guardians of them all are the trees. If you want to learn anything go sit under a tree.

If you want to see the world awake ... come to my art class.

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