• Amanda C Vesty

6 Scientific Forest Bathing Studies

No, it is isn't a New Age 'woo woo' fad! Forest bathing or Shinrin Yoku is scientifically proven to work. Here are 6 academic studies that show you how....

Forest Bathing at Church Lawton, Cheshire with Amanda Vesty Founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees

1. Reduces your stress

Since 2004 professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki, at Chiba University in Japan, has been researching the benefits of #forestbathing. He has found that leisurely forest walks yield a 12.4% decrease in the #stress hormone, cortisol, compared with urban walks. Those who took part in his studies have also anecdotally reported better moods and lower #anxiety.

2. Improves your mood and mental health

At Derby University academics have conducted a meta study of existing research which concludes that our connection with nature can be linked to #happiness and #mental #wellbeing. Spending time in nature releases hormones that relate to the pursuit of #joy, connecting to #calm and avoiding threats.

3. Frees up your #creativity for both professional and personal #selfimprovement

David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah, noted that participants saw a 50% improvement in creative #problemsolving after three days immersed in nature with no access to modern technology.

4. Boost your #immunesystem and improve your #health.

Trees and plants emit ‘phytoncides’ which we breathe in when we spend time in the forest. Qinq Li, a Japanese #shinrinyoku researcher, proved these enhance the activity of specific cells that help our bodies to fight disease.

5. Reduces high blood pressure

An important factor in maintaining a #healthyheart is to reduce blood pressure. A recent meta study in Japan reviewed 20 trials, involving 732 participants, which demonstrated that blood pressure levels in the #forest environment were significantly lower than those in the non-forest environment.

6. Accelerates your recovery from illness

Nature can be a powerful catalyst in the recovery process. The most well-known study in this area by Dr Roger Ulrich, an architect specialising in #healthcare building design, showed that even a natural view from a window reduced convalescence time by a day, compared to an urban view. This is one of many reasons I founded #AncientandSacredTrees. My members have made numerous reports on how being a part of the group has improved their sense of #wellbeing. For those not able to get outside my group offers, pictures and films to view. To find out more visit my Ancient and Sacred Trees group, it is FREE to join!

If you want a beginners guide to Shinrin Yoko known as Forest bathing or forest therapy see my Beginners Guide to Forest Bathing.

Amanda x

I run forest bathing sessions in Cheshire and Staffordshire as well as therapeutic art and other activities designed to improve your connection with nature and your health and well being.