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Om SoundHealing Singing Bowl 21cm

Om SoundHealing Singing Bowl 21cm

SKU: Tib-105

A big beautiful Om & Buddha sound healing singing bowl, and a profound fusion of tradition, harmony, and enlightenment. Hand made by Tibetan monks, this  bowl features the divine symbols of Om and Buddha, enveloping you in their transformative power. 

Meticulously handcrafted in the Tibetan tradition, this Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl pays homage to centuries of spiritual wisdom and insight. Each bowl carries the essence of these profound teachings. 

The bowl boasts an exquisite engraving of the sacred symbols Om and Buddha to enhance your meditation experience and deepen your connection to divine energy, fostering spiritual growth and serenity.

Playing the bowl creates vibrations that cleanse the soul, promoting inner peace, mindfulness, and spiritual enlightenment. 

With a 21cm diameter, this large sized bowl is an ideal size for meditation, sound healing, and spiritual rituals, serving as a powerful instrument for practitioners and seekers alike, offering a profound connection to the divine. Good resonance and sustain.

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