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Nepalese Moon Singing Bowl - (approx 550g) - 13cm

Nepalese Moon Singing Bowl - (approx 550g) - 13cm

SKU: Tib-98

Small Nepalese Moon Singing Bowl handcrafted by the light of the full moon by monks in the mystical land of Nepal, this unique singing bowl resonates with the enchanting sounds of the Himalayas.

Made from a single piece of metal alloy, this singing bowl produces rich and resonant sounds when played. Its vibrations fill the air, creating a soothing and meditative atmosphere. 

Measuring 13cm in diameter and weighing approximately 550g, this singing bowl is a versatile instrument.

It's perfect for meditation, sound healing, yoga, or simply as a beautiful decorative piece that carries a spiritual essence.

Don't let their plain appearance fool you, the sound from this series of moon bowls is divine.

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