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Medium Nepalese Moon Bowl - (approx 750g) - 15cm

Medium Nepalese Moon Bowl - (approx 750g) - 15cm

SKU: Tib-99

A handcrafted beautiful sounding bowl from the mystical landscapes of Nepal, this unique singing bowl made by monks resonates with the enchanting sounds of the Himalayas. 

Crafted from a single piece of metal alloy, this singing bowl produces deep, resonant tones when played. The vibrations fill the space, creating a meditative ambiance conducive to relaxation and self-discovery. 

With a 15cm diameter and an approximate weight of 750g, this singing bowl is versatile in its usage.

Whether used for meditation, sound healing, yoga, or as an exquisite piece of spiritual decor, it enhances your space with its calming aura.

There are 4 sizes to collect and they all sound glorious. I have the whole set myself for my therapy sesions and events.

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