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•	Living Land – July 5th/6th/7th – Earth and The Guest

• Living Land – July 5th/6th/7th – Earth and The Guest


Living Land


Delving deep in to the fulsome folds of the land. Exploring shinrin yoku known as forest bathing you will be offered a series of invitations to take part in throughout the weekend. You will meet the trees and plants of Wild Spirit Woods. You can rise with the dawn chorus to greet the day and later nap in the summer haze. This is not about striding across hill and dale but about coming into a deep relationship with one place.


Come sit with the saplings and say hello to wild flowers. Hares and deer have been spotted here and Buzzard flies overhead. Out across the plain you can see Jodrell bank, a world heritage site and the Welsh mountains. For refreshments there will be foraged teas and wild snacks. Evenings will be spent around the fire listening to owls and star gazing. If you are lucky maybe a story will come to visit in the spiralling evening smoke.


There will be time together and also time for yourself. There will be individual as well as group exercises. The land here is woven with ancient places and traces, trackways and byways where the peaks meet the plains. The five acres is surrounded by countryside with easy access to paths out across the plain and up on the ridge.


This is a place where destinations never arrive and the journey never ends. The only time is now, be it sun, rain, day or night. We will gather in circle sharing our experiences, grounding them ready to serve us when we return home.


You can stay locally or you are welcome to stay on site for free under shared canvas in our beautiful tipi or park in your van. We have a couple of small spaces for tents. The woods are on the edge of a small lane and easily accessible from the local town.


What do you need to bring? Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for country terrain and an English summer. Musical instruments are welcome for around our fire but please note, we have neighbours so any drumming will be restricted to early evening.  Journals and sketchbooks are welcome. You will need to bring your own food for lunch and breakfast and dinner if staying on site. We are neaurodiverse and hidden disability friendly. With the stresses and strains of modern society rest and recuperation for us all is important regardless of who we are. Further details will be supplied upon booking.


Timetable fairly relaxed. We meet Friday evening in the tipi at 8pm with a couple of  outdoor exercises and chat. On Saturday morning an invitation to rise and greet the dawn chorus then foraged tea then back to bed for a bit for those that need more sleep. After breakfast we gather at 10am and continue until 4 then break for a couple of hours then return after tea for a couple more exercises and then time by the fire through the evening. Sunday we meet at 10am and finish at 4pm approximately. This is not a regimen but a relaxed work-with-the-way-and-the weather.


Rest, relax and breathe, leave your cares and worries at home wilding your heart and home within your body.


Your payment covers refreshments and expert tuition by Amanda Claire as well as a donation towards tree planting and protection. She is the founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees, a teacher, artist, archaeologist/historian and country woman with a deep love of the land and all who live within it.

  • Non Members Early Bird price £100 or £150 normal/late book
  • Members  £50/£60/£70 - see members portal link on event page for access to your special price tickets
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