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Hand crafted Bodhi Tree Sound Healing Singing Bowl

Hand crafted Bodhi Tree Sound Healing Singing Bowl

SKU: Tib-103

I would say that anyone who has ever learned anything has sat under a tree. Immerse yourself in a profound journey of spiritual enlightenment and holistic well-being with this beautiful Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl - Bodhi Tree Buddha, an exquisite blend of tradition and inner transformation.

Hand crafted by exiled monks in the sacred Tibetan style, this bowl carries the essence of the Bodhi Tree, creating an atmosphere of harmony and spiritual growth. 

This bowl features a detailed engraving of the Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree, symbolizing the path to enlightenment. The engraving adds an extra layer of spiritual significance, making it a powerful tool for meditation and spiritual growth. 

With a 16cm diameter, this bowl is an ideal size for meditation, spiritual practice, and healing rituals. It acts as a powerful instrument for practitioners and seekers alike, offering a profound connection to the teachings of the Bodhi Tree. Check out the other bowls in this series as they are equally stunning in sound, looks and quality. 

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