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Extra Large Tibetan Tingsha Bell - 8x15cm

Extra Large Tibetan Tingsha Bell - 8x15cm


Embark on a profound spiritual journey with this large Tibetan Puja Bell 8x15 cm. This bell embodies the essence of tradition, mindfulness, and spiritual enrichment, enhancing your meditation, rituals, and sacred practices. Puja is actually a Hindu word but they use these bells in Buddhism also. 


When rung, this Bell produces a captivating and resonant sound that invites serenity, mindfulness, and deep focus during meditation, rituals, and sacred ceremonies.


Perfect for meditation, yoga, energy healing, or as a decorative centrepiece, it infuses your sacred space with the timeless aura of Tibetan culture. 


A good price for a solid  hand cast bell. 


I don't stock Tingsha bells (the ones like symbols attached with string/leather thong with patterns on) as they are traditionally used to summon hungry ghosts! If you see a site trying to sell you those then you know theyre' just after your money and don't know a lot about sound healing either. ;-)

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